Intersection Open to Traffic

The roundabout located at the intersection of Whiteland Rd. and Graham Rd. in Whiteland, IN has been opened to traffic. The project was completed in the allowable closure period and was opened on June 11, 2016. This project included the relocation of an existing sanitary force main, construction of new concrete curb and gutter, concrete and HMA drive approaches, storm sewer culverts and a decorative wall located in the center island of the roundabout. The decorative wall bears the name and seal of the Town of Whiteland and welcomes everyone to the Community of Opportunity. Minor incidental work still needs to be completed for the project such as the installation of two 48” lights bars that will illuminate the decorative wall. Landscaping work, consisting of trees, perennial shrubs and flowers, will take place in the fall when the weather is more favorable for planting. All remaining work will be done under traffic with no further closures.

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