Jefferson Street Reconstruction

Phase 2 along W. Jefferson Street from US31 to Walnut Street was opened to traffic on June 29th. The contractor has completed all work in this section with the exception of the final asphalt surface and permanent pavement markings.

Phase 3 along E. Jefferson Street from Main Street to Home Avenue is currently closed and will be reopened to traffic in mid-September. This section of the project is short in length to minimize the time in which Jefferson Street is closed in this section of downtown. Phase 4 from Home Avenue to the railroad tracks will be short as well. Phase 4 will be closed to traffic upon the completion of Phase 3 and is scheduled to be completed and opened to traffic by Thanksgiving.

This project will involve the total reconstruction of Jefferson Street, Forsythe Street, and King Street from the west limits of US 31 to the east limits of Eastview Drive. In addition to all new pavement and sidewalks this project will include new signals at US 31 and in the downtown area and a new roundabout at King Street and Eastview Drive. The project will also include a new storm sewer system with all new pipe and many added inlets to improve drainage. New decorative light poles, signs, monuments, and other features consistent with previous downtown projects will be included in this project and a new handicap ramp will be constructed at the northeast corner of Jefferson and Jackson Streets. Utility lines will be upgraded and/or relocated where necessary and all overhead lines for existing lights will be removed and replaced with new buried lines for the new decorative light poles. The project will be completed with new trees and landscaping throughout. Due to the size and nature of the project, it will be constructed in multiple phases.

Please see the phasing maps for more detail on the phases of construction and the detours.